Underrepresented Graduate Students in Psychology

Underrepresented Graduate Students in Psychology (UGSP) is a group dedicated to supporting and advocating for psychology students from racial, linguistic, geographic, or socioeconomic backgrounds that are currently underrepresented in graduate education. UGSP is designed to provide valuable social support to these students whom may otherwise find it difficult to pursue their graduate studies. Through activities, mentorship, and community outreach, we hope to provide a community that encourages the potential and promise of those from underrepresented groups.  By promoting and improving multicultural training in psychology, we hope to not only increase ethnic minority student recruitment, retention, and graduation but also improve intergroup relations within our department. We currently have 4 branches UGSP:

    1. UGSP Brown Bag Committee
      This committee organizes a lecture series that is open to all graduate students. These talks are given by faculty members and post-doctoral students from underrepresented backgrounds or whose research focuses on diversity issues. Each Brown Bag lecture includes both a research presentation and a career development component. This speaker series allows graduate students to network with prominent faculty members from underrepresented groups, hopefully fostering a sense social connectedness and community within the Psychology Department.
    2. UGSP Undergraduate Outreach Committee 
      This committee organizes panels for undergraduate students to learn about various aspects of the graduate student experience. We hope to galvanize interest in graduate school by offering examples of successful underrepresented students from their own university. We also hope that this will provide undergraduates with the opportunity to connect with graduate students so they feel comfortable asking questions about diversity in graduate school.



      Education Outreach

      Education Outreach 2


  • UGSP High School Outreach Committee 
    As members of underrepresented groups, we find it imperative to give back to our communities through teaching, education, and service.  UGSP will target high schools in low-income neighborhoods and will hold lectures for both parents and students about getting into college.




  • UGSP Social Committee 
    The Social Committee plans and coordinates various events each year, typically off campus. Our goal in organizing these events is to foster a sense of community among UGSP members. It is a chance for students to interact with people that come from diverse backgrounds who share similar experiences.




Social Events